Strategy Destination Statement

Agricultural Industries and Services Development (AISD) Co.


Agricultural Industries and Services Development Company (Public Joint Stock Company), relying on its specialized and committed staffs as well as customers' trust, is in the first rank of production and supply of up-to-date milking equipment required for livestock farms in the Middle East and is trying to be the top supplier of products. And to obtain the services required by the livestock, poultry, and agriculture industries in the Middle East.
The company's products are needed by livestock farms all over the country. While we offer our products on time, with quality and standards accepted at the national and global levels, at a competitive price, we have 24-hour after-sales service and 10-year support spare parts.
Make a cordial relationship in creating interaction and exchange with customers, as well as professional consulting in creating and maintaining products offered or deliverable, as well as technical and professional interlocutor with its suppliers, and on the other hand, satisfying customers and responsibly responding to Their demands, we have created a comparative advantage and stability in this industry and we try to fulfill the following:

  • committed and professionally responds to the needs of the market and customers

  • Maintain the respect of the company's beneficiaries, including customers, shareholders, suppliers, and employees

  • Material and spiritual rewards to compensate for the efforts of employees

  • Diligent effort to train and learn the company's employees

  • Respect for the social rights of the company and the environment